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  • Only If (Indie Game, 2014)
  • Hub Sweet Hub (Indie Game, 2013)
  • Dave Diamonds (Mobile Game, 2013)
  • Firefly Village (Mobile Game, 2013)
  • Psychadelic Ostrich Jihad (Indie Game, 2012)

Web Videos


Will you score my film/game/video?

I'd be honored to! Send me an email and we can discuss your project. Please be upfront about whether or not you intend to compensate me. I do not work for free.

How much will it cost for you to score my project?

It really depends on the criteria of the project. I'd recommend that you email me if you want an exact quote for your project. Even if you don't intend on hiring me just yet, I'd be more than happy to discuss your project and the costs involved with you in the mean time.

Do you accept commissions for concert works?
Am I allowed to use your royalty-free music in my film/video/game etc.?

Yes. A lot of my music is released under a Creative Commons Attribution license, which means you can freely download and use my music in your project (whether it's commercial or non-profit). You must, however, provide credit, and a link to the track which you used. If you do not follow this simple guideline, you risk having your project taken down by my army of angry lawyers >:(.

How exactly do you want me to credit you?

The bare minimum you have to do is display my name "Steven O'Brien" either in the credits or an accompanying description, however, I would ask that you make an effort to also include SoundCloud links to the tracks you used in the credits or an accompanying description too. This not only helps me by attracting new listeners, but it also allows your viewers to easily find my music if they wish to explore it further.

So I don't have to pay you anything at all?!

Exactly. My Creative Commons music is 100% free and will always remain that way. However, if you do find my music useful, or if you simply enjoy it, I would ask that you consider donating to me.

Even if my project is commercial?

Yes, you can still use my music for free even if your project is commercial, but again, I would ask again that you consider donating to me. If you're making money off of my music, please be fair.

Do I have to ask you for permission if I want to use your music?

Not at all. Simply choose a track you like and use it in your project, no questions asked. While not necessary, if you do end up using my music in your project, I would love to hear from you about how it went. You can email me at

Well I'm still not sure if I have permission to use your music, maybe I should email you asking if I...

Please don't :(. I appreciate the concern over doing things correctly, but seriously, I get about five or six emails a week asking whether or not it's okay to use my music in X or Y scenario. I have never once said "no" to someone. As long as you're able to provide credit in the manner which I outlined above, you can use my music in any way that you please.

What if I want to use one of your tracks in a situation where it's impossible to give credit?

Send me an email and we can discuss it.

I'd like to remix one of your tracks. Is this okay?

As long as you provide credit, it's fine. Again, I'd love to hear from you about any remixes you're working on.

I tried to download one of your tracks, but the link just takes me to SoundCloud.

Look for this button on the Soundcloud page and click it: .

I'd like to use one of your tracks, but I'd like it to be performed on another instrument/in another key. Can this be done?

It depends. Send me an email and we can discuss whether or not your request is viable.

I tried to download a track from Soundcloud, and it's given me a FLAC file. What is this and how can I obtain an MP3/WAV file?

A FLAC file is a lossless compressed format. It is essentially the equivalent to a zipped WAV file. I try to provide alternative downloads in MP3 format to every track, but this is extremely time consuming and I don't always get around to it. If your editing software does not support FLAC files, I recommend you download and use a free application called Audacity to convert the FLAC file to other formats. If you're still having trouble with this, feel free to contact me and I'll try my best to help you. I will only provide WAV files for my music under special circumstances, as they are far too large and inconvenient to upload, and bandwidth-wise cost a lot of money to serve.

I'm a fellow composer. Can I send you my piece and get feedback from you on it?

Sure. Send me an email and I'll try to get back to you as soon as possible. If you're a classical composer, I'd also recommend that you post your music over at the TalkClassical forums.