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Will you make music for my film/game/video/etc.?

Yes! Send me an email and we can discuss your project.

Can you write music for me in X or Y style?


Wait, really?


What sample libraries do you use?
  • - 8dio Adagio/Agitato for strings

  • - Orchestral Tools Symphonic Sphere for some supplemental string articulations (this library is great for getting all of those airy articulations like harmonics, sul ponticello etc.

  • - Orchestral Tools Berlin Woodwinds (including all three expansions) for woodwinds.

  • - 8dio Claire series for soloistic woodwinds

  • - Cinebrass Core/Pro for brass (I'd just say that I'm not 100% happy with the programming in this, but it's the best library currently available. I'm waiting for a replacement (or an update) to come along, really.)

  • - Embertone Chapman solo trumpet

  • - Orchestral Tools The Timpani for timpani

  • - Truestrike 1 and 2 for general percussion
  • - Heavyocity Damage for more cinematic percussion

  • - Cinesamples Voxos, 8dio Requiem for choir

  • - Symphobia 1 for "glue"

  • - Omnisphere for synths

I have many many piano libraries, but the ones I find myself using most commonly recently are:

  • - Spitfire Felt Piano
  • - Art Vista Steinway B
  • - Soundiron Emotional Piano
  • - Acousticsamples Old Black Grand

This list is incomplete, of course, but that's 95% of it. Some libraries I put through a plugin called VirtualSoundStage2 to position them, then either a B2, RC48 or Altiverb reverb on the master bus, sometimes a bit of compression using The Glue, sometimes a bit of EQing, and that's about it.